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23rd March 2015

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CitiVision Article:

Health and Social care professionals in Coventry and Rugby are joining forces in a new way to improve patient care.

Sharing information in the new Intergrated Neighbourhood Teams (INTs), care professionals including social workers, district nurses, health visitors, mental health nurses and doctors are working with GPs to strengthen the way they respond to patients they see. It also means that patients will only have to tell their story once, rather then numerous times to different health and social care professionals.



The project has begun by targeting people aged over 75 who might be at risk of being admitted to hospital in a crisis. By sharing information better, acting sooner and in a more proactive manner, the teams believe they can help stop frail elderly patients ending up with a spell of hospital care.

The team currently targets patients cared for by two Coventry GP surgeries, Broad Street and Forum Health Centre, covering approximately 30,000 patients. But in future they hope their way of working can be rolled out across the whole city.

Dr Surinder Chaggar, a GP at the heart of the new project, who sees patients at the Forum Health Centre, Farren Road in Walsgrave. said:

''We meet each fortnight and discuss cases of patients who we feel we could do more for, if we were able to work together better. We are able to share information about patients much more effectively in this setting, continuing to ensure that we are only sharing information in an appropriate way''

The idea is part of a drive to help make better use of care resources across the city.

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