Measles Outbreak in the West Midlands

31st May 2018

Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed recent outbreaks of measles across the UK. To date, there have been over 80 confirmed cases in the West Midlands, with dates of onset from middle of November 2017, linked to travel to Romania. Most of the cases linked to the outbreak have had incomplete MMR vaccination. 

Measles is extremely infectious and can be serious. Syptoms include high fever; sore red, watery eyes; coughing; aching; a blotchy red brown rash, which usuall appears after the first symptoms. 

If you do develop syptoms of measles, stay at home and phone NHS 111 for advice. STAY AWAY from GP surgeries and A&E - you could spread the illness to others. 

If you, or your child, has never had the MMR vaccine or only had 1 dose of the MMR vaccine - please contact the surgery immediately to book an appointment with the nurse. 

Anyone who has not received 2 doses of MMR vaccine is at risk, but young people in environments with close mixing such as festivals are more at risk, as well as unvaccinated people travelling to Romania and Italy, where there are currently large outbreaks. Anyone planning to travel to Europe should check NaTHNaC travel health advice.



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