Veteran Friendly Practice





Forum Health Centre has been accredited as an armed forces veteran friendly GP practice.

This means that we have a dedicated clinician, Dr H Chaggar, who has a specialist knowledge of service related health condition and Veteran specific health services.  This is important in helping Veterans to get the best care and treatment.

If you are a Veteran please let a member of the practice team know to help ensure you are getting the best possible care.

Please see NHS choices link below for more information on services available for Veterans.

The Veterans’ Gateway

There is a huge network of organisations supporting the Armed Forces community, so finding the right one for your needs can be tricky. Veterans’ Gateway is made up of a consortium of organisations and Armed Forces charities, including The Royal British Legion, SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity, Poppyscotland, Combat Stress and Connect Assist.

Our connection with additional key referral partners and information organisations – both within and outside the Armed Forces sector – means we can get you to the right organisation who can help.

Funded by The Armed Forces Covenant, this is the first time a group of this kind has come together formally to deliver a service to help the Armed Forces community. Apply to become a Veterans’ Gateway supporter.

Support is available by calling the Veterans Gateway team on Freephone 0808 802 1212 or by email. From overseas we suggest you select the Live Chat option to avoid any costs.

The team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to put you in touch with the help you need, or direct you to the information you are looking for.

Veterans Medical Fund

The Royal British Legion has introduced a new Veterans Medical Funds programme providing support for veterans with hearing loss and serious physical injury.

The Royal British Legion’s Veterans Medical Funds programme is open for applications. The programme is funded through a five year, £13m commitment from HM Treasury using income generated from the Libor rate-fixing fines. It has two elements: support for veterans with hearing loss and support for veterans with serious physical injury.

Each programme element has been designed in consultation with the Ministry of Defence (MOD), National Health Service (NHS), Department of Health and representatives from subject matter experts in the medical and Armed Forces charity communities. The structure and intent of the Funds are based on the Legion’s desire to reduce or negate disadvantage to those who have served.

Both of the funds described below will be available to veterans across the UK.

Veterans Hearing Fund

The Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) provides support to veterans who acquired hearing loss during Service where there is a wellbeing need that can not be met through statutory services (eg the NHS).

There are two stages to the application process. The first stage assesses eligibility and will require applicants to submit a copy of Service medical records which must include audiometry data. If the applicant is in receipt of a War Pension or Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Award, and this was awarded due to hearing loss, then they can submit a copy of their documentation confirming this in lieu of Service medical records. The second stage will be completed and submitted by an audiologist who will agree what equipment or treatments would help improve your quality of life. Note that VHF will not replace statutory support  but add to it.

VHF may fund hearing aids, peripherals or therapies (eg lip reading).

Please note that the VHF is unable to reimburse applicants for previously purchased equipment.

To apply, please download and complete a VHF eligibility application form. To request a form to be sent to you by post, please call our Contact Centre on 0808 802 8080 (free) or email

Blind Veterans UK

We want to make applying for support either for yourself, or on behalf of someone else, as simple as possible. Just follow these few steps and you’ll be well on your way to joining our other 4,000 veteran beneficiaries.

How to apply:

  1. Call us free on 0800 389 7979, complete our application form request or download our application form

  2. Send us the completed application form

  3. Once we have the form, we will contact the service records office and your eye specialist

  4. We may ask the applicant to visit our ophthalmic clinic in London. If travelling is difficult, we can make alternative arrangements

Once you have become a beneficiary, one of our regional welfare officers will visit you at home. They will discuss your needs, give you advice and may suggest a visit to one of our centres in Brighton or Llandudno.

They may also recommend training in mobility, independent living skills, using low vision equipment and IT, either at one of our centres or in your home.

To qualify for support from Blind Veterans UK, people need to meet two criteria:

1) Military service

They need to have served in either:

  • The UK regular Armed Forces, including the UK reserve Armed Forces or National Service.

  • As a reservist, they need to have either:

  • completed at least one year's satisfactory service after training (qualified for bounty) or less time if blinded on duty

  • served during WW2 in the Merchant Navy, or in Polish/Indian forces under British command.

2) Sight loss criteria

To meet our ophthalmic criteria an applicant needs to present with visual acuities in both eyes which are equal to (or worse than) 6/60 or counting fingers.

With certain ophthalmic conditions where field loss is a factor we request field test results and take these into consideration when determining whether or not an applicant meets our ophthalmic criteria.

Regrettably, we do not currently have the services in place to support new veterans with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease and related conditions.  This policy is currently under review so you are welcome to check back in the future. If a veteran develops dementia while already receiving our support, we will continue to offer services as needed.